On Tuesday, October 6, 100 Global Shapers and 150 members of the Arcadis Global Leadership Forum connected in Rotterdam during ‘The Golden Journey’. During the evening the Global Shapers showcased the following #Engage deliverables generated during their program.

  • Two recruiting tools and two onboarding tools were created to inspire and teach the younger generation about Arcadis and to ensure retention of new employees at onboarding.
  • A dialogue board game, The Road to Engagement, was developed to discuss the key strategic themes and core values of Arcadis. A hard copy of the board game will be sent to each AGLF participant. Global Shapers will spread the word about the Board Game via an instructional toolkit.
  • The Global Shapers 2015 are initiating a movement to bring our passion to life. The goal is to inspire Arcadians by sharing messages of how each of you is improving the quality of life.

About the program
Global Shapers is an annual program which provides 100 young professionals the opportunity to create more international connections and to share knowledge. The program is about learning through working together in an international group, in a virtual and a face-to-face phase. By creating international connections, improving knowledge sharing and making sure the challenge is taken back home, a ripple effect is created. Global Shapers is sponsored by the Lovinklaan Foundation.

Watch the below video update, created by the Global Shapers Generation 2015.
[vimeo id=”141906098″]


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