#UrbanThinkers looking for #UrbanSolutions

Urban Solutions - Shelter - Arcadis - LovinklaanTo celebrate Urban October 2015, Arcadis has launched an exciting challenge – the ‘Urban Solutions’ challenge, for all 28,000 Arcadis employees worldwide. During a 24 hour Challenge on October 28, Arcadians all over the world have the chance to brainstorm a multitude of innovative ideas for the perfect city of the future. How will we live? How will we move around? What will we enjoy? The United Nations has adopted 17 new Sustainable Development Goals, one of these focused on the development of sustainable cities and communities.

The challenge takes part in two sections. Arcadians will be able to share their innovative ideas for creating the perfect city both online and in workshops. Lunch workshops will take place in 13 Arcadis offices all over the world, like New York, London, Singapore, Shanghai, Sydney, Dubai and Sao Paulo.  The sessions will focus on three themes that make every city livable, competitive, and sustainable: resilience, mobility and regeneration.

During this amazing 24 hour challenge Arcadis people are challenged to become an #UrbanThinker and to share their ideas, expertise and #UrbanSolutions for future cities – our future cities. The outcome will brought together in a book and will be shared with UN-Habitat and published on the Arcadis Shelter website early 2016.

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Lovinklaan Foundation sponsors Shelter by funding Arcadians that go on missions.

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