Let’s learn more about Expedition DNA from our Lovinklaan Ambassadors

28 septembre 2018

To generate awareness for the different employee programs and increase involvement for the Lovinklaan Foundation we ask Arcadians to share their stories. We believe sharing their experiences is the best way to invite you to learn more about the Foundation and its programs. In this post you will learn more about three Lovinklaan ambassadors who participated in Expedition DNA

Expedition DNA

Expedition DNA is one of Lovinklaan’s newest programs. It was founded to accelerate the digital transformation. This means the program encourages Arcadians to develop an innovative mindset and better digital capabilities. It consists of both a virtual online learning platform and a face-to-face experience. Did you know over 4000 people signed up since the start of the program? And 25% of them completed Base Camp? Base Camp is a virtual learning program of 3 to 5 hours, with the objective to make sure everyone speaks the same digital language within Arcadis and helps employees to respond to digital opportunities in an effective manner.

Lovinklaan Ambassadors

Let’s hear from three Lovinklaan Ambassadors who participated in the program and learn about their experiences.

Name: Seamus McLoughney
Country: Qatar
Current role within Arcadis: Associate Director
Involvement in programs: Expedition DNA

How did the Lovinklaan Foundation and participating in Expedition DNA contribute to your personal and professional growth?

« The Lovinklaan Foundation has enabled me to partake in the first Expedition DNA face-to-face experience, following on from the initial Base Camp phase. Base Camp was already invaluable to me because of my professional growth through learning more about our digital strategy. But it was also a major benefit to be able to come together in a specially designed program with 49 Arcadis colleagues from around the globe in a learning and safe environment. Being in an environment with all these curious minds was an exceptional experience, which was made possible by the Lovinklaan Foundation. »

Name: Emily Yessick
Country: USA
Current role within Arcadis: Project Manager – Rail Public Projects
Involvement in programs: Currently participating in Expedition DNA working my way through Base Camp and a proud shareholder of Arcadis

In what way did the Expedition DNA Base Camp inspire you?

« Expedition DNA has given me excitement for the future of Arcadis and how we do business. Base Camp is an interactive experience which provides great information and resources on how we can take part in this initiative. I honestly think every Arcadian should complete Base Camp! »

What are the benefits of participating in Lovinklaan’s programs?

« While I have not participated in many Lovinklaan programs, the opportunity offered to Arcadis employees to grow through hands on experiences and collaboration is invaluable. Connecting with Arcadians all over the globe builds relationships allowing you to learn from others working towards a common goal, but on a larger scale. »

Name: Martijn de Lange
Country: Hong Kong
Current role within Arcadis: Head of Tax, Treasury & Restructuring (Asia)
Involvement in programs: Global Share Plan and Expedition DNA

What is the best Lovinklaan experience you’ve had so far?

« I am currently participating in Expedition DNA: Base Camp. It is interesting to learn how digital developments are going to affect our business and the way we work! »

How do Lovinklaan programs affect your personal and professional growth?

« Lovinklaan programs offer me the opportunity to connect with colleagues all around the world, enables me to take ownership in Arcadis and to learn new skills – such as how to utilize digital developments. Not many companies have a platform like Lovinklaan so I would encourage everyone to make use of it! »

Sign up

Do you want to start Base Camp as well after reading these stories? This first virtual phase is accessible through this link. Are you new to Expedition DNA? Sign up here!