Participate in the Global Shapers pre-application challenge!

Global Shapers is one of the employee programs supported by Lovinklaan. The Global Shapers Program provides 100 early career professionals within Arcadis worldwide the opportunity to improve Arcadis, create more international connections and share knowledge. Global Shapers is an annual program, with a focus on international collaboration. Next to the regular application procedure the organizing team is also launching a pre-application.

We invite you to JOIN the pre-application challenge:

  • You can participate in the pre-application challenge on this website. You are tasked to unlock the different puzzles. By participating in this challenge, you will have the opportunity to build global connections and receive some useful hints in the run-up to your application. If you are among the first people to solve all puzzles, you might be the lucky winner who gets direct access to Global Shapers: Generation 2018.
  • Don’t forget to engage on social media, you can share updates about your progress on YammerTwitterFacebook and Instagram, using the hashtag #arcadisgs!
  • The puzzles will be made available in 3 slots of 2 puzzles at a time, between May 22 – 24. The game will close at 6pm CEST on Thursday, May 24th. Please make sure to check the instructions which include winner criteria and playing rules.
  • This short Instagram video features Kody O’Hea the winner of the previous edition. He shares a little about his experience from last year. We will publish a longer article on the Lovinklaan website about his experiences with three different programs sponsored by Lovinklaan in the upcoming weeks… Stay tuned!
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