Our vote during the AGMS

As the major shareholder of Arcadis, we have a clear mission that aims to promote the interest in shaping the future and continuity of the enterprise in addition to helping Arcadians grow and reach their full potential personally and professionally. Keeping our mission in mind, we have voted in favor of all proposals put forward during the AGMS. Amongst them is the decision to appoint a new executive board member, CEO and SB member, the new remuneration policy, financial statements and dividend.

We have carefully discussed all the information we have received from the employees, Executive Board and stakeholders, examined the rationale behind the proposals and based our final decision on a thorough process that led us to our vote.

We would like to emphasize the trust we have in the new CEO and Executive Board and believe that the decisions are likely to positively impact the future of the business. We are looking forward to the results in the coming years.

For any further queries, please reach out to info@lovinklaan.com

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