Invitation April 25: Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

All ARCADIS shareholders are invited to join the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS) which will take place on Monday 25 April 2016 at 2pm at the Gustav Mahlerlaan 10 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in the offices of ABN AMRO. If you are not able to join the AGMS, we invite you to vote electronically, or you can ask an attorney to vote on your behalf in the AGMS via the Power of Attorney form (proxy).

Registration to join the AGMS
If you would like to join the AGMS, you have to register prior to the meeting

  • To register, please enter Equate Plus
  • Click on the ‘Elections’ link on the homepage
  • Please confirm you attendance via the AGMS message
  • You will receive an entrance ticket by email or mail
  • Please register before April 18th

Further details about the AGMS and agenda of the AGMS can be found at this page. Attending the AGMS will be at your own expense.

Cast your vote electronically
If you are not able to attend the AGMS, you can exercise your vote by using e-voting.

  • Please go to
  • Select ARCADIS N.V. from the list of forthcoming general meetings
  • Choose to electronically vote
  • The requested Position Statement can be downloaded from EquatePlus (go to Document Library -> Statements -> Current Statement).

Let someone vote for you during the AGMS
If you are not able to attend the AGMS, Intertrust Management B.V. or a third person can vote on your behalf.

  • Please register for the AGMS via the above mentioned steps (‘Registration to join the AGMS’) pretending you attend the AGMS
  • Please fill out and sign this Power of Attorney form
  • Hand over the form to a third person who has registered for the AGMS, or send it to Intertrust Management B.V.
  • The form has to be accompanied by a registration certificate. This is the confirmation email (entrance ticket) you have received after registering for the AGMS via EquatePlus.

Kind regards,
Lovinklaan Foundation

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