Share in the success of ARCADIS; become a co-shareholder!

01 juin 2015

ARCADIS Global Share Plan - Banner ENG

You can get ARCADIS shares through a participation in the Global Share Plan of Lovinklaan Foundation. If you are not a participant yet, grab your chance. You can subscribe to the share plan till July 1st. The GSP allows you to buy ARCADIS shares at a 20% discount. As a co-shareholder of ARCADIS you share in the financial success of ARCADIS and you increase your involvement with the company. Do you already participate in the Global Share Plan? It’s now the time to subscribe for additional shares or change your monthly deduction.

In Europe, the GSP is operational in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and UK thus only available for Arcadians in these countries.
On this website you will find more details about the GSP, such as a short video explaining the plan, and you can download the participation form.

Lovinklaan Foundation is the largest shareholder of ARCADIS and was founded to promote the interests of employees, to ensure the continuity of ARCADIS and to stimulate the sharing of knowledge and connection between employees.