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Celebrating successful handovers: Shelter & Expedition DNA

Shelter and EDNA: Global Impact  Shelter is a collaborative initiative with UN-Habitat which has made significant strides towards our shared vision of enhancing the quality of life in rapidly urbanising cities. Arcadians share their knowledge and expertise pro bono to find solutions for global urbanization issues in the fields of infrastructure, environment, and water. Since […]

Board Meeting Wrap-up | November 2023

The Lovinklaan Board gathered in Dublin in November, adding another successful face-to-face meeting to our series in Amsterdam and Toronto earlier this year. It was a multifaceted event with a full agenda, and we are excited to share some key highlights.   We reflected on our ongoing programs—Quest, Skills Powered Organization, and Sustain Abilities—and celebrated their […]

Board Meeting Wrap-Up | September 2023

Board’s Visit to the Hong Kong Office  Besides the special opportunity to connect with our fellow Arcadians, the highlight of the visit was the Townhall event. It brought together a sizeable and enthusiastic audience, sparking lively discussions that were nothing short of inspiring. Our Board Members shared insights about Lovinklaan, ensuring that all Arcadians, including […]

The winners of the IMAGINE Awards for 2018 are selected!

The Imagine Awards, sponsored by the Lovinklaan Foundation, recognize the most innovative ideas each year. From the short list of the top 10 Imagine submittals, the Top 3 winners of the 2018 IMAGINE  Awards have been selected by the  Imagine Jury consisting of Peter Oosterveer, CEO of Arcadis NV, Todd Bechtel, Chairman of the Lovinklaan […]

Participate in the Global Shapers pre-application challenge!

Global Shapers is one of the employee programs supported by Lovinklaan. The Global Shapers Program provides 100 early career professionals within Arcadis worldwide the opportunity to improve Arcadis, create more international connections and share knowledge. Global Shapers is an annual program, with a focus on international collaboration. Next to the regular application procedure the organizing team is […]

Submit ideas for 10th edition of IMAGINE Awards!

The 2018 IMAGINE Awards, sponsored by the Lovinklaan Foundation, are open for your submissions. In its 10th year, the IMAGINE Awards looks to create an opportunity to individual Arcadians and teams to submit creative and innovative ideas that will make a positive change not only within Arcadis, but also the wider society. What are we […]

Shelter mission to Mozambique and Malawi

Shelter is a partnership between Arcadis and UN-Habitat aimed at a common goal: to improve the quality of life of citizens in rapidly growing cities around the world. We are highlighting one of our Arcadian’s stories’ who went on an Shelter mission. In this blogpost we cover the Shelter story of Natasha Orange from the UK,who traveled to Mozambique […]