Frequently Asked Questions GSP


+ About shares

  1. FAQ overview
  2. What is a share?
  3. What is the share price?
  4. What is a dividend?
  5. Which factors can affect the share price?
  6. How can I control the risks of investing in shares?
  7. What is the risk of investing?
  8. How can I track the performance of Arcadis shares?
  9. On which stock exchange are Arcadis shares traded?
  10. As a participant of the GSP, do I receive (printed) shareholder certificates?

About the global share plan

  1. What is the Global Share Plan (GSP)?
  2. How does the GSP work?
  3. Who can join the Global Share Plan?
  4. What are the costs of participation to me?
  5. How can I join the Global Share Plan?
  6. When can I join the GSP?
  7. Am I able to change my monthly contribution?
  8. How can I leave the Global Share Plan?
  9. Once I have bought shares, when will I be able to sell them?
  10. Are there any restrictions or regulations to be observed if I want to sell my shares?
  11. How can I calculate the value of my shares?
  12. If I purchase shares, how much additional tax will I pay?
  13. What happens to my shares if I spend time away from the business, e.g. on sabbatical, maternity or paternity leave?
  14. What happens to my shares if I transfer to another Arcadis company outside my home country?
  15. When will I receive a dividend on the shares I purchase?
  16. What happens to my shares if I leave Arcadis?

About ubs, equatex and equateplus

  1. What is the CRS FATCA TAX form?
  2. How can I access EquatePlus?
  3. What is the role of UBS / Interactive Brokers bank?
  4. What is the role of Equatex?
  5. What is EquatePlus?
  6. How can I get access to EquatePlus?
  7. How can I reach EquatePlus?
  8. Who can I contact for questions about EquatePlus??
  9. How do I log in on EquatePlus for the first time?
  10. I need a new password or User ID to log in. How can I arrange this?
  11. Where can I find an overview of my shares?
  12. Where can I change my home address if I move to another address?
  13. Am I obliged to keep my shares on the GSP account?
  14. How do I add my cash / brokerage / personal bank account?
  15. How to transfer shares to my own brokerage account?
  16. How to sell my actionable shares?
  17. What happens when I sell my shares?
  18. What costs are charged to sell or transfer my shares?
  19. I want to clear my GSP shares account. What do I need to do?
  20. Where can I find my year-end statement and what do I see here?
  21. What is the bank account number of UBS / Interactive Brokers bank?
  22. What is the ISIN number of Arcadis shares?
  23. Where can I find more information about the GSP?

About Global Shares

  1. What happens to my shares?
  2. Can I still continue buying shares against a discount?
  3. Why don’t we stick to Equatex, why do we change to Global Shares?
  4. What happens to my EquatePlus account?
  5. How do I access Equity Gateway / Global Shares?
  6. I do not want to have a new bank, what should I do?
  7. I cannot sell all my shares now, how is that possible?
  8. What are the benefits of Global Shares?
  9. I forgot to create my Global Shares account in time. What should I do?