Board of Lovinklaan

Representing the international staff



The Lovinklaan Board consists of Arcadians from all divisions and countries around the globe. Lovinklaan Board members balance their daily OpCo workload with their responsibilities for Lovinklaan.

Representing the largest shareholder, Lovinklaan has an important position within Arcadis. Board members regularly meet with the Arcadis Executive Board to discuss Arcadis developments and how to support the ambitions and the interests of Arcadis employees.


The Board currently consists of seven members who come from Brazil, Hong-Kong, the Netherlands, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.


We consider it important that members of our Board have a broad perspective on Arcadis. This demands looking beyond the personal work environment and having insight in the broad international range of services and culture of Arcadis.

Members are selected by a nomination and interview process and are appointed for a term of three years.

  • Todd Bechtel Chairman
  • Gordon Baxendale Treasurer
  • Holly Herner Secretary
  • Man On Lai Board member
  • Cecile Cluitmans Board member
  • Nicholas Bellew Board member
  • Cintia Philippi Salles Board member
  • Max van der Wegen Legal advisor
  • Manuela van der Wielen Assistant
  • Heather Kruschel Assistant